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Records Management Consulting

The creation, management and disposition of the records which chronicle an organisation’s business activities add to the intrinsic worth of an organisation. These records need to be managed within a structured framework to ensure they can be located when required.

A records management programme is comprised of the management framework, the people and the systems required to manage a comprehensive and accurate set of records and would include:

  •  Auditing the records management processes;
  •  Developing records management policies and procedures;
  •  Developing and implementing recordkeeping systems and associated tools;
  •  Ensuring staff are skilled; and
  •  Recordkeeping performance monitoring and review. 

International and Australian standards and best practice

International and Australian Standards for Best Recordkeeping Practice provide guidance on creating records policies, procedures, systems and processes to support the management of records in all formats. The standards are widely used in Australia and internationally in both private and public organisations.

Specialist Services

Our Records Management Consultant focuses on identifying and establishing your own document management requirements. Beginning with conducting a Health-Check Audit to understand the current state of your existing Records Management Programme it culminates with a fully compliant programme designed and implemented within your organization.

Our Consulting Services include:  

  •  Conducting Audits and Health Checks on records management processes and systems.
  •  Developing and implementing:
    – Policies, Procedures and Records Management Programmes;
    – Disposal and Retention Schedules;
    – Business Classification and Thesaurus Schemes.
  •  Conducting audits on staff Recordkeeping Skills.
  •  Training for recordkeeping staff.
  •  Integrating records management into Business Systems and Processes.

Download our Records Management Consulting Services checklist here.


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