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Access Records Management specialises in the secure storage, speedy retrieval and management of business records. Numbered amongst our more than 800 clients are some of Sydney’s busiest and most demanding organisations.

Access fulfils our clients’ service needs by providing an integrated records management solution including secure Document Storage and Retrieval, Record Cataloguing and Indexing, Document Scanning and Imaging, the Secure Destruction of documents, Tape Storage and of course, Archiving Supplies.

At Access, we understand the impact of lost, missing or damaged records upon your business. To mitigate these risks, we ensure our staff are properly trained in our inventory management and storage procedures. We have also designed a range of storage and security boxes to ensure client records are securely stored.

We also appreciate the need to retrieve client records in a timely fashion and offer 2-hour standard tape, box and file retrieval.

Protecting valuable documents and information is our top priority. Accordingly, we take the risk of documents and personal information being unlawfully accessed very seriously and work to maintain the secure ‘chain of custody’ over your documents and information from the time it leaves your hands until the information is ultimately returned to you or destroyed.



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