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Q. We currently store all of our records on-site in our offices. What are the benefits of storing off-site with Access Records Management?

A. There are many reasons to store your records off-site. The number one reason would be to mitigate the risks such as fire, theft and security breaches. Storing your records offsite offers a very high level of security and allows expensive office space to be better utilised. Storing your records with Access will save your staff the time of archiving and actually retrieving those records. When you need a particular file, simply contact Access and we will deliver that record to your office in 2 hours, allowing your staff to use their time more productively.

Q. How secure are my records?

A. Access has implemented very stringent security controls including 24/7 on-site security, uniquely coded entry doors, internal PIRs and back-to-base alarm system monitoring. Our tape vault is a sealed-off area with highly restricted access, incorporating increased levels of fire-resistance and a VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) System in place. Our delivery vehicles are equipped with GPS-type monitoring, enabling live tracking of a particular record at any time, and our highly professional staff are bound by confidentiality agreements.

Q. Our current provider has lost some of our important documents, what steps does Access take to ensure you don't lose documents?

A. Our controls include the electronic tracking of all item movements and daily audits. Our online records management system enables records to be accurately tracked via barcode in a secure chain-of-custody and periodic physical audits of all boxes stored are checked against what is recorded in the Access Online Records Management System.

Q. How do we access our documents?

A. Retrieval orders are placed either by securely logging into the Access Online Records Management System, or by phoning, emailing or faxing our Customer Care team who are located within the warehouse. Simply ask for the box, file or document you require and we deliver it to you within two hours.

Q. Will I need to change my current cataloguing system?

A. No, you can continue to use your own cataloguing system. Alternatively you can use our unique barcodes. We can also capture previous suppliers’ barcodes as the alternate reference. All of this gives you the utmost flexibility with numbering systems.

Q.  I am not on the authorised list to request services but need to retrieve something.

A. Security is paramount so please don’t be offended when we reject your order. We will contact someone on the authorised list to approve the order or if you are going to be a regular requestor of services, we will recommend you be added to the authorised list.

Q. How long has Access Records Management been in business?

A. Access Records Management has operated as a leader in records management in Sydney for over 27 years. It was privately held until ASX listed Recall Holdings purchased the business in August 2014.

Q. You state that you have over 800 clients, why don’t you reference them by name?

A. Client confidentiality is absolutely critical. However, many of our clients have offered to provide verbal references on request.

Q. How does Access Records Management help mitigate risk for their clients?

A. We have a stable and experienced team of document and record management professionals. We offer regular meetings with clients to discuss record and data risks so that residual risks can be identified and either mitigated or accepted.

Q. How do we get started?

A. It’s easy, just call our Sales Executives on 1300 790 795 or email us at

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